hell, earth, heaven

When all worlds collide — the shadows of Lilith; the light of the divine. A poem about ebbing moments between fleeting lovers.

Nicole Ann
3 min readJul 11, 2022
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Connection heals. It also hurts.

This is an ode to the grotesquely beautiful journey through the paradoxes of a certain deep connection:

brevity and timelessness;

space and togetherness;

pursuit and elusiveness;

intimacy and distance;

ether and shadows;

stars and darkness;

innocence and indifference;

truth and illusion;

heaven and hell.

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Hell, earth, heaven

As soon as your eyes
Locked into mine,
I knew that magic
Existed in you
And you felt mine too

Then your lips spoke
Beauty and charm
An ornate exchange
But the essence behind
Could not utter a lie.

Your words were divine
And your energy
Aligned with mine:
To become my mirror,
Casting your truth astride.

Oh, that first night
A song of innocence —
An ode to seraphim!
That one serene kiss
Merged with the timeless.

And so the dance began
The first step you ran
Then two steps back
A silent chase
From a second face.

Timelessness ceased
But your absence
Pulled you closer to me,
I craved another hit
Of your sweet ecstasy…

Then when we made love
hell, Earth, heaven
All worlds became one
The light of ether,
The shadows of Lilith.

A few fleeting moments
In another world —
Lost in connection
In the starry darkness
Of the zodiac night.

How deeply we spoke
The verse of silence,
Our stars were aligned;
Our rhythms were one
For those ebbing moments.

Anicca, you told me,
It was temporary
Your eyes became weary
And no longer burned
Into the depths of mine.

Deep down I knew
I was not for you
For I could not bear
To see you touch her
The way you once
Touched me too.

Then I knew I was
A mirror of you
Intensity burned me
And I ran away
From you running from you.

Time moved on and on
And so did you
Catching the flow of life,
You said casually
As if it had all been
A lunar Pisces’ dream.

I wandered alone
To a sacred church
Hidden by the mountains
And mused about
What we would be like
In another life…

A few days passed,
You went there too
Lured by that divine church
And that’s when I realised
You were on the same path
Just one step behind.

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Nicole Ann

"The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between." -- Mozart